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How Leadership PACs Turned into “Slush Funds” for Congress – Money Morning

Apparently an annual salary of $174,500 and a vast array of taxpayer-funded perks is not enough for most members of Congress.

Otherwise, why would they need “Leadership PACs” – personal political action committees that supposedly raise money for political activities but in practice provide a pipeline of cash to subsidize their already-elite lifestyle.

The Most Ridiculous Thing You’ll Read All Year – Money Morning

Michelle Obama is the spokeswoman of a national health campaign called “Let’s Move.”

The program is designed to encourage children to engage in healthy activities, to eat better foods, to drink plenty of water, and to encourage everyone to get outside and exercise.

It’s a noble message (run by federal dollars) in a world of video games and excessive saturated fat.

But, like all government programs, intentions end up trumping fiscal sanity.