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When the Scales Fall- Frederick Sheehan

The U.S. government is losing credibility. That is both an obvious and a useless observation without a sense of the consequences. Maybe, there are none. Maybe, the accumulating doubt concerning Benghazi, IRS intrusions, and NSA confiscation of privacy are wearing thin. If the latter proves correct, how will the people express their disillusion: “Voting with their feet,” so to speak? A glaring vulnerability is the gap between falling income and inflation. The government’s numbers are propaganda, and seem to have worked. The Fed, Bureau of Labor Statistics, reporters, and the academics who are paid to polish Goebbelism into a scholastic veneer, state that annual price inflation is short of 2%. John Williams, proprietor of Shadow Stats, estimates that if the Bureau of Labor Statistics used the same methodology for calculating the CPI as in 1980, the monthly figure released and disseminated to the public would be 9.4% (as of November, 2012).

Consumer Sentiment Stinks – WSJ

The Thomson Reuters/University of Michigan consumer sentiment index fell sharply to 74.1 in early June from its final-May reading of 79.3 and an early-May reading of 77.8, according to an economist who has seen the report. The end-May index was the highest sentiment level since October 2007. The drop in early June may reflect consumers…

Consumer, Retail, Consumer Confidence, Stocks and Housing – Don’t Believe The Media Boilerplate Hype

This is an update of the permanent page of Retail, Consumer Confidence, Housing and Stock Price Charts which will be updated whenever new data is available. You can bookmark that page for future reference.  Updated June 6, 2012 Retail Sales and Real Retail Sales ex Gasoline Real retail sales, ex gasoline prices, and adjusted for inflation…