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Markets Get a ‘Spailout’? It’s No Bailout for Spain – CNBC

European officials shouldn’t be surprised if their latest unveiling—a rescue plan for Spain’s troubled banks—fails yet again to impress markets or resolve the continent’s crisis. After all, whatever the package of up to €100 billion in loans might do to calm fears about Spain’s banks for the time being, it may only increase concerns about…

Why merging Spain’s troubled banks won’t fix the country’s debt crisis

Bank mergers solve the debt crisis. At least that is the strongly held view in Madrid, where Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy is considering yet another rescue, this time involving a possible merger of Ibercaja with rivals Liberbank and Caja3. It follows a longstanding policy, established by the previous socialist administration, that smashing together almost…

Spain falls back into recession

[repostus hash=819b99f8a1c3f25d440c2b105893807c title=Spain+falls+back+into+recession host=AFP short=1apID snip=Spain+has+tipped+back+into+recession%2C+official+data+showed+Monday%2C+grim+news+for+a+cash-strapped+economy+hobbled+by+rising+debt%2C+soaring+unemployment+and+deeply+troubled+banks.+Spain%27s+gross+domestic+product+shrank+by+0.3+percent+in+the+first+quarter+of+2012%2C+equalling+the+slump+in+the+final+quarter%26hellip%3B thumb=http%3A%2F%2Fimg.1.rp-api.com%2Fthumb%2F1682942]