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Government S&P Lawsuit: Who’s Next? Money Morning

A massive U.S. government S&P lawsuit has no doubt hurt the fortunes of Standard & Poor’s parent company The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. (NYSE: MHP), whose shares have dropped 25% since it was filed.

But the collateral damage could spell bad news for a number of parties and has implications even for the overall health of the U.S. economy.

The Justice Dept., joined by attorneys general from 16 states, unveiled a case accusing S&P of fudging its ratings of subprime mortgages to make the toxic securities appear better than they were.

The federal government is seeking $5 billion in penalties — more than five times what S&P made in 2011 — to cover losses to investors in federally insured banks and credit unions. Separate suits filed by individual states could more than double that figure.

It’s the first time the government has taken action against a credit rating agency over illegal behavior tied to the recent financial crisis.

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Earnings Death or Taxes

Weak corporate tax collections in the first quarter and through April 11 could mean that many quarterly earnings reports may surprise the market by failing to meet analysts’ inflated expectations. Either corporate profits are falling sharply or else corporations have suddenly become much savvier about offshoring income and avoiding taxes. While they may be getting…

The Trouble With Case Shiller

The mainstream media wasted hours reporting on and analyzing the Case Shiller Housing Index today. Did even one pundit mention what’s wrong with the Case Shiller data? If Dow Jones used the methodology to report the Dow Industrials that Standard and Poors uses to construct the Case Shiller Index (CSI) the Dow would be reported…