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North Las Vegas Crisis An Example of Why To Stop Crying, “Shadow Inventory!”

The sad story of North Lost Wages,  Nevada,  is an example of why the “shadow inventory” issue is a toothless bogeyman for the US as a whole. Not only did the bubble create false pricing. It caused the construction of  entire “false communities,” based largely on speculative purchases never intended for occupancy. This bubble activity…

Five with Fitz: What I See When I Look Over the Horizon

When you’ve been working the markets as long as I have, you learn that the biggest dangers are always found in a place just over the horizon.

It’s why I spend my time hunting for stories, news items and opinions that in the old days were considered far “below the fold.”

Invariably, what I am looking for is the stuff that everybody else has missed.

Because I believe that’s where the real information is — especially when it comes to uncovering profitable opportunities others don’t yet see or understand.

It’s the story behind the story that interests me. To find it, you need to go beyond the headline news.

In that spirit, here’s my take on five things that I’m thinking about right now.

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Market Not Twisting Fed’s Direction

Liquidity measures were mixed last week. Fed pumping continues at a minimal pace and Operation Twist won’t change that. Foreign central bank buying of Treasuries and Agencies remains exceptionally weak. However, the massive deposit flows from Europe into the US system continued. In spite of that, banks continued to dump Treasuries, adding to the supply.…