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Lots of Conomic Data Releases, All Of Them Misleading

There’s been lots of conomic data over the past couple of days. I covered the NAHB builder survey yesterday. Regardless of the fact that the housing market is at pathetic levels historically, the builder data showed the rebound off the lows to be on track. Today, the government released data on housing starts to add…

House Prices Up in California

The latest evidence that a bottom of sorts is in for the housing market comes from California. Here’s the PR from the California Association of Realtors. Considering the source, you can take it with a grain of salt, but it’s entirely consistent with the national housing trends I’ve been tracking. LOS ANGELES (April 16) – California…

Bank of Canada December 2011 Financial Stability Review Is Sobering

The Bank of Canada has released the Financial Stability Review for December 2011 with articles:

Risk Assessment

Macrofinancial Conditions
Key Risks

Global Sovereign Debt
Economic Downturn in Advanced Economies
Global Imbalances
Low Interest Rate Environment in Major Advanced Economies
Canadian Household Finances
Safeguarding Financial Stability
Strengthening Bank Management of Liquidity Risk:
The Basel III Liquidity Standards
A Fundamental Review of Capital Charges Associated
with Trading Activities
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Market-making […]

Unemployment Claims Data and Economists’ Exploding Brain Syndrome

With the mainstream media reporting the seasonally adjusted first time unemployment claims down by 6,000 it’s time for a reminder that this number is fake, and may or may not give an accurate representation of the trend. If it does, it’s purely a coincidence. Economists and financial journos are in love with the seasonally manipulated…