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Nobel Prize Winner Warns of Stock Market Risk – Chriss Street

With the Dow Jones stock index up 115% from March 2009 to an all-time and the number of bearish investors at the lowest point in 25 years, it should not be surprising that this years’ Nobel Prize winning economist, Robert Shiller, would warn over the weekend that greedy investors might be blowing themselves a dangerous […]

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Shiller Goes Off The Deep End- Wants to condemn millions of US guaranteed mortgages from the bankster mafia

Follow the money. Find the profits!Liquidity is money. Regardless of where in the world that money originates, eventually it flows to and through Wall Street. So if you want to know the direction of the next big moves in stocks and bonds, just follow the money. Lee Adler’s Liquidity Trader tracks and shows you the…

Why are Harvard Conomists (or any Think Tankers) Paid So Much?

Harvard conomists are some of the highest paid “professionals” on earth. I guess it’s because they can spew deliberately useless crap like this piece of shit from back at the end of the housing bubble– The Nations Housing – 2006— thanks to the big fat checks they get from the industry mafiosi who pay them. The publisher…