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Obama Finally Fights GOP, Affirms a Role for Government, but Renews Threat to Shrink the US Economy- Michael Hoexter

As the US government shutdown was still in effect and the prospect of a debt default loomed, President Obama held an extraordinary and revealing White House press briefing on October 8th in which he clarified his then position vis-à-vis the shutdown and debt ceiling. After the shutdown was (temporarily) ended on October 17th, Obama made a fairly extensive public statement airing his views of how he sees economic policy and government’s role. While I have not followed every one of Obama’s press conferences or speeches, in both of these public appearances, Obama went into unusual detail and lengths to expand on his views of politics, government and the economy. In addition, he marked out his most combative stance vis-à-vis the Republicans to date. Also in his October 17th statement we had the clearest statement for a number of decades, of some of the benefits of having a government at all from a top American political leader.

Early Problems with Obamacare Are Bigger Than a Glitch – Money Morning

After more than three years, $400 million, and a steady stream of assurances from the Obama administration, the government’s healthcare exchanges should have been ready to go.

But the problems with Obamacare, at first brushed off as the result of an overwhelming initial response, run much deeper than the Obama administration would like to admit.

“These are not glitches,” an insurance executive who has taken part in many conference calls on Obamacare told The New York Times. “The extent of the problems is pretty enormous. At the end of our calls, people say, ‘It’s awful, just awful.'”

Obamacare Online Exchanges: 9 Real Life Experiences from Money Morning Readers

Considering taxpayers shelled out more than $500 million to build the Obamacare online exchanges, we’d like to know how they’re actually operating, for good or for bad.

We know it’s not all good…

For example, the federal government is operating an exchange for 36 states, and it’s seen some of the worst complications. Part of the problem is volume: Within three days, a whopping 8.6 million people visited

5 New Obamacare Facts You Need to Know – Money Morning

Keeping you up to date on the latest Obamacare facts – Today (Tuesday) marks the beginning of the much-anticipated Obamacare open enrollment for the new marketplaces – which hasn’t gone smoothly.

The federal government operates these marketplaces, or exchanges, across 36 states, and the Obama administration anticipates seven million people will apply for coverage across the six-month open-enrollment period.