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Money, Taxes and What We Can Afford- Dan Kervick- New Economic Perspectives

Money, Taxes and What We Can Afford

By Dan Kervick People sometimes seem to suggest that the Western democracies are at the end of the road economically.  They claim that these governments are spent, broke, tapped out.  They insinuate that Western nations can no longer afford to … Continue reading

Money, Taxes and What We Can Afford

What You Absolutely Need to Know About “Their Paper Money” – Shah Gilani, Money Morning

This is a syndicated repost courtesy of Money Morning. To view original, click here. Reposted with permission. Chapter One, on how money came into being, ended with, “Governments made legal tender laws to make it illegal not to use their paper money – backed by nothing but promises.” There’s a partial truth in that sentence.…