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Bandit bingo

Dodgy open for the early ones but it looks like it might be up for the day: Kiwis -0.4%, Aussies flat, Nikkers -0.4%, Sth Korea +0.1%, Singers +0.3% and Taiwan +0.2%.

For the Aussie market it’s REITS -1.1% down the most and Miners leading the greens, …

Perfunctionary promises….

Buyers are back: All Ords +1.5%, Sth Korea +1.1%, Nikkers +0.6% and Kiwis +0.3%.

All Ords is doing the bounce off a major support but said bounce will probably turn out to be the dead cat variety. Leading the surge are Miners +2.7%, Materials +2.5%, Financials +2.3% and the downers are REITS and Health -0.5% and Consumer Discretionary -0.3%.

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Niggling negativity…

A thud for the early openers. Nikkers is doing a catchup after holidays, currently -3%, Sth Korea -2.2%, Kiwis -1.8% and Aussies -1.4%.

In the All Ords sectors, Financials are hurtling south, -2.6% followed by Materials -1.5% and Miners -1.4%. On the upside, Telecomms +1.5%, Gold +1.4%, Health +0.5% and Utilities +0.3%.

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