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The Nobel Prize for Market Timing Goes to… Cliff? – Money Morning

According to the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH), the best – and perhaps only – way to outperform the market over time is simple:

First, claim that beating the market over time is virtually impossible. Then, take home $1.2 million for “proving” it.

That was Professor Eugene Fama’s approach, anyway, after co-winning the Nobel Prize in economics.

Reuters- “Evidence” suggests anti-foreclosure laws may backfire | Not So Says Adler

Quoted sections below from Insight: Evidence suggests anti-foreclosure laws may backfire | Reuters. State and federal laws enacted to protect homeowners from eviction in the wake of the 2008 housing crash may be extending the slump, according to a growing number of economists and industry experts. Everyone with a complaint about this has a vested interest…

Housing Numbers Back to Normal- Professional Edition

Now that the distortions induced by the homesucker’s tax credit have been removed from the market, housing trends have returned to where they would have been. New and existing unit sales have collapsed. New unit prices have also collapsed, as the temporary artificial shortage that resulted from the tax credit demand bulge, has reverted to…