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Cyclical Liquidity Flows Approach Inflection Point

The following is an excerpt from the Executive Summary of this week’s Professional Edition Fed Report. Subscribers can access the full report here.  The composite liquidity indicator was virtually flat last week on a mixed performance in its components. The indicator has recently accelerated upward away from its 39 week moving average. With demand for…

SPX, RUT, and CVX Updates: We’re Experiencing a Temporary Shortage of Creative Article Titles… Please Stand By

The market did very little on Wednesday, which is actually a somewhat encouraging sign for bears.  To some degree, one can gauge who’s in control by simply looking at which price direction the market is stug…

How Durable the Economic Goods

Economists touted today’s manufactured goods gains as the linchpin of the economic recovery. Considering that manufacturing accounts for only 11% of the US economy, and durable goods is about half of that, that’s hanging a lot on this one sector. Is there any reason for bullishness on this?