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Baseball in Extra Innings: The Wish without the Will – Frederick J. Sheehan

My ticket to the seventh game of the 1967 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals cost $8.00. That was in the grandstand. The price of the same seat, for the 2013 World Series between the Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals (at Fenway Park in Boston), is $300.00. The inflation of words is bound to the inflation of prices. The grandstand is now called the “right field boxes.” It looks as though box seats, which were front-and-center, not extending far beyond the home and visiting team dugouts, now run to the right-field, bull pen.

U.S. Added Only 115,000 Jobs in April – Rate Is 8.1% – NYTimes.com

The United States had another month of disappointing job growth in April, the Labor Department said Friday. The nation’s employers added 115,000 positions on net, after adding 154,000 in March. April’s job growth was less than what economists had been predicting. The unemployment rate ticked down to 8.1 percent in April, from 8.2 percent, partly…

Employers could save billions by dropping workers from health plans, report shows | Fox News

A new survey of Fortune 100 companies finds that the health care overhaul, contrary to the claims of its authors, created some perverse incentives for employers to drop workers from company insurance plans.  Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee surveyed the top 100 companies about how much they spent on health care —…