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Goldman Sachs Hires Single Morally Decent Human Being To Work In Separate, Enclosed Cubicle

NEW YORK—Seeking to mollify critics over its role in the global financial crisis, Goldman Sachs announced Friday the hiring of junior analyst Greg Kohler, who executives said is the investment bank’s first and only employee to possess a clear set of morals or a basic understanding of right and wrong. Officials confirmed the upstanding Kohler,…

Time for bank bond write-downs: James Saft | Reuters

It may now be time to cross that red line and force some bank bondholders, even senior bondholders, to take losses. Throughout the now five-year-old global financial crisis, writing down bank debt when banks are insolvent is a step that policy-makers have been almost universally unwilling to take. Fearing a rolling line of bank failures…

Study exposes secret Canadian bank bailout

[repostus hash=e63453ddc024c9a5de66aac2824f6e3d title=Study+exposes+secret+Canadian+bank+bailout host=Canadian+Progressive+World short=1axPi snip=The+Harper+Conservatives+are+fond+of+touting+Canadian+banks+as+more+stable+than+other+countries%E2%80%99+big+banks.+They+claim+all+the+credit+for+Canada%E2%80%99s+stability+during+the+2008-10+global+financial+crisis.+And%2C+we%E2%80%99re+often+told+that+our+banks+needed+no+bailout+during+the+crisis.+What+a+big+Whopper%26hellip%3B thumb=http%3A%2F%2Fimg.1.rp-api.com%2Fthumb%2F1706332]