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Fed Members Inclined to Stand Pat, for Now – NYTimes.com

WASHINGTON — Three members of the Federal Reserve’s policy-making committee indicated in separate speeches Wednesday that recent economic data, while troubling, does not yet justify an expansion of the Fed’s economic aid campaign. The remarks suggested that the committee, which meets in two weeks, would give increased consideration to such an expansion, but also that…

Fed Presidents Clash Over Need to Provide More Stimulus – Bloomberg

Federal Reserve regional bank presidents voiced opposing views over whether the central bank should step up record accommodation following the lowest monthly increase in U.S. payrolls in a year. Chicago Fed President Charles Evans said in a speech in New York yesterday that “soft” U.S. economic data call for “extremely strong accommodation,” while Richard Fisher…

Adler Comments on St. Louis Fed’s Bulltard’s U.S. Monetary Policy, Housing Bubble Views

I have annotated the press release’s key comments including the bold highlighting of certain sections. Press Release- Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis ST. LOUIS – Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis President James Bulltard discussed “The Aftermath of the Housing Bubble” on Tuesday during an event jointly hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center’s Housing…

Investing in Japan: Is There Light at the End of the Tunnel?

Most people have given up on investing in Japan.

With an aging population and far too much government debt, the conventional wisdom is that Japan will never again see the vigorous economic growth it once enjoyed.

The earthquake and tsunami of March 2011 only reinforced this view. However, that tragic episode did have another side.

It showed the resilience and discipline of Japanese society.

There was almost no looting, for example — and recent economic data suggest that the Japanese economy is not as dead as it seemed.

First quarter Japanese gross domestic product (GDP) came in at an annual growth rate of 4.1% –far higher than the United States, Canada, Australia, or anywhere in the Eurozone.

Given that Japan has been in perpetual near-recession for 21 years, with no surges of productivity like the U.S. enjoyed in the late 1990s, it’s really not a bad performance.

You can also see Japan’s true strength from its exchange rate, which is currently 79 yen to the dollar, up from around 120 five years ago. That makes visiting Tokyo very expensive.

However, it’s also sign of a highly competitive economy.

Investing in Japan: What You Need to Know

It’s notable that observers in the United States, a country which perpetually runs payment deficits of $500 billion-$600 billion annually, sneer at the economies of Japan and Germany, which are almost always in surplus.

Before 1995, I lived in another economy that was similar. Britain ran deficits much like the U.S. does.

So believe me when I tell you, deficits are not exactly a sign of superior economic health.

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The Conomy Game- The Legend of Bennie The Beard, Henry the Hitman, and the Gangbankster Dealers

The shape of recent economic data trends reminds me of a story. It’s a story that shows just how the Fed’s manipulation drives both the stock market and the conomy. It’s also a story of the twisted personalities behind the facades of institutional power. This is not something that you will read in the mainstream…