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Helping the Fellow Out

After biotech stocks hiccupped on Thursday, April 11, 2014, ISI analyst Mark Schenebaum told the world: “Horrible day in biotech. I’m frankly at a loss for an explanation. And it’s my job to know why. [The reason he gets paid the big bucks – FJS.] Schenebaum “has been following the sector since 2000,” but maybe spent too much time golfing.

Markets may solve the expected "collateral scarcity" problem – Sober Look

This is a syndicated repost courtesy of Sober Look. To view original, click here. Reposted with permission. In the past couple of years we’ve seen a great deal of focus on the so-called “collateral scarcity” problem. The new regulatory regime is expected to create incremental demand for high quality collateral such as treasuries, Bunds, etc.…