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What Carl Icahn Really Meant About the Markets – Money Morning

Carl Icahn wants to be clear about his seemingly bearish stock market comments yesterday.

The famed activist investor was speaking at the Reuters Global Investment Outlook Summit Monday when he made remarks that halted markets’ gains.

“I am very cautious on equities today,” Icahn said. “This market could easily have a big drop.” His reasoning is that earnings at many companies have been juiced more by low borrowing costs than by strong management.

Activist Investors Will Be Targeting More Stocks – Meaning Higher Share Prices Ahead – Money Morning

This year activist investors have been busier than ever, but they’re just getting started.

That’s because conditions in the market right now couldn’t be any more ideal for activist investing, and the hedge fund managers who do this sort of thing are not known for letting opportunities go to waste.

Best Investments 2013: How the Mining Mess Will Send Platinum Soaring – Money Morning

Thanks to the hit gold prices took in mid-April, other precious metals also got caught in the downdraft – but some still look to be among the best investments of 2013.

Take platinum, for example.

It is currently trading at about $1,500 an ounce, well off its 52-week high of $1,734 an ounce. During the height of the selloff last month, it touched a low of $1,381 an ounce.

Investors sold it along with all other precious metals, even though the fundamentals for platinum may be better than ever.

While platinum’s long-term outlook is bright, a short-term price catalyst is about to take place, as early as this week.

The world’s biggest platinum producer, ANGLO American Platinum (Amplats), could take a significant amount of platinum off the market. The restructuring could cost 14,000 jobs and close two South African mines.

It’ll also help drive a supply deficit that will only expand in the years ahead, making platinum one of the best investments to make now before prices soar.

No wonder Sprott Holdings’ Rick Rule bought $280 million worth of platinum and palladium earlier this year…

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Will Carl Icahn’s Latest Move Push Dell Stock Even Higher? Money Morning

This is a syndicated repost courtesy of Money Morning. To view original, click here. Reposted with permission. In a move that potentially staves off a battle over Dell Inc.’s (Nasdaq: DELL) $24.4 billion proposed deal to go private, activist investor Carl Icahn said today (Monday) he signed a confidentiality agreement with the personal computer giant.…