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A Cynic Might Say The Fed Has Told Certain Well Connected Trading Firms That More QE Is On The Way

Technical indicators continue to tilt toward confirming that a 6 month cycle low is behind us. A cynic might believe that certain big money players with a big time former executive at the helm of the NY Fed might have an inside track on what the Fed’s decision will be on Wednesday, and that that…

Stock Market Volatility: How to Beat the Market at its Own Game

Many investors are convinced the market is stacked against them. It is…. but not for the reasons you might think. Dismal returns actually have very little to do with super computers, research, insider information or access to the trading floor. The real issue comes down to something very simple – the difference between how individuals and professionals approach stock market volatility. Most investors head for the hills when volatility rises.
Successful traders, on the other hand, embrace it because they know stock market volatility represents an opportunity.