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Tag: Agenda 21

North Korea’s Dear Leader Sails Into the Mediterranean

A North Korean-flagged oil tanker appears to have loaded oil at the Libyan rebel held Es Sider oil terminal southwest of Benghazi and escaped Libyan Navy pursuit.  Libya’s Parliament voted earlier in the day to remove  Prime Minister Ali Zeidan from office for failure to stop rebels holding the eastern coast of Libya from exporting […]

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U.S. Banks Investigated For Pay-To-Play In China – Chriss Street

A joint investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice, Hong Kong Department of Justice and the UK Ministry of Justice into accusations that American investment banks hired the children of powerful Asian officials to secure lucrative securities business, may have just ensnared JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.  According to confidential emails recently turned over to […]

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Russian Olympics and Obama’s Liberation Theology – Chriss Street

Americans should not be surprised by US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland would say “F**k the EU” in a private cellphone call with US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt that was hacked by the Russians and posted on YouTube. But they should be outraged that after the disastrous failures of the Administration’s liberation theology gambits in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria; the Obama Administration on the eve of the Russian Olympic Games in Sochi would be caught actively be fomenting revolution in the former Soviet Union. By attempting to sabotage the Olympic debut of the Vladimir Putin’s newly rehabilitated Russia, Obama threatens to revive Cold War hatreds.

Impending Democrat Election Disaster – Chriss Street

The Quinnipiac University National Poll released on January 22nd reveals that American voters rate President Barack Obama’s leadership on the economy, jobs, healthcare as very poor; his only positive marks come from fighting terrorism. Barack Obama’s first Presidential campaign narrative argued that President George W. Bush and the Republicans were so interested in fighting a […]

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More Negligence from Failing to Build Keystone Pipeline – Chriss Street

Despite another oil train derailment and fire the following month in Alabama, the NTSB and the Administration continued to remain silent on the issue. But now that a witness caught on video multiple explosions and fireballs from a December 30th oil train disaster near Fargo, North Dakota, Congress is going to come under increasing public pressure to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.

French Rioting to Dump the Euro- Chriss Street

Former French Prime Minister François Fillon shocked the media by saying that voting for the far-right National Front that wants to dump the euro common currency may now be “acceptable.”

Acceptable is a code-word for acknowledging that Marine Le Pen’s right-wing National Front party that opposes immigration and euro common currency has such a strong lead in the polls and that French welfare-state politicians better get on board with the rebellious conservatives or be wiped-out in the next election.

Bitcoin is Gold 2.0 – Chriss Street

Since there is a limit of 21 million that may ever be “mined” by the year 2140, Bitcoins are rare units of exchange. The emergence of Bitcoin virtual currency has created a powerful competitor to the dollar that will limit Congress and the Federal Reserve’s effectiveness in fostering inflation as a way to tax away American’s wealth. Welcome to the real full-faith of Gold 2.0.