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Author: William Patalon III

This Saved Our Guys in WWII, and It Will Save You Thousands in Your Investing

The “cardinal sin” of aerial combat is a miscue known as “letting your head get up and locked” – meaning you’re not constantly scanning… you’re not trying to spot any and all possible threats. Forget that key rule, and commit that cardinal sin in a dogfight, and you risk getting shot down – “getting flamed,” as fighter pilots used to say.

As investors, we’re in a market dogfight right now, with threats zooming and wheeling all around us.

The Cyber-Hacking of America Is Going to Cost Us Big Time – Money Morning

We’ve been warning for some time now that cybersecurity would emerge as one of the top issues to track.

Indeed, in column we published on February 1st , we even predicted that the cyber-hacking of America – especially from China, Russia and Iranwould turn into one of the top stories of 2013.

And that’s precisely how it’s turning out.

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