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Author: Michael A. Robinson

Here’s What the Recalls Mean for GM Stock

I cannot overstate what a big role General Motors (NYSE: GM) has played in my life. So, it saddens me when I see the headlines about recalls over the past few years – this year alone, about 29 million worldwide.

Many on Wall Street and in the mainstream financial media are saying this is a “Buy” opportunity.

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Can “Perceptual Computing” Help Intel Get its Groove Back? – Money Morning

When you peruse the tech-dominated headlines these days, a lot of the talk is about how smartphones and tablets are taking over for notebooks and laptops – which had taken over for desktop PCs.

But with the confusing mix of keyboards, track pads, touch-screens, and even voice and gesture commands that are in use today, there are at least as many different ways to interact with all those computing devices as there are different devices themselves.

But Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) is pioneering a new type of technology the chip-giant says will bring order to this interface confusion.

And it refers to this invention as “perceptual computing.”

No doubt, this is Intel’s latest attempt to regain its relevance in a world that is going mobile at an accelerating rate – a transition that has transformed the once-dominant firm into a veritable also-ran. And most of these earlier attempts amounted to almost nothing at all.

But I believe perceptual computing is different – and, in fact, could have two important results.

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