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One Thing's for Sure: The Commies Know How to Throw a Party!!! (aka "The Lujiazui Financial Forum")

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#1 Spock


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Posted 28 June 2013 - 11:21 AM

Ya gotta hand it to the Communist Chinese: for, as shown here:


...they are currently throwing one heck of a caviar-and-champagne-fest, under the guise of an "Economic Reform Forum".

However, infesting this little get-together is every single Western Pigman bankster and his brother, all offering their "fixes" for the Global Monetary Ponzi System.

None of said "fixes", though, include:

1. Abolishing fiat currencies and reverting to a specie-backed money.

2. Outlawing fraudulent fractional reserve lending practices.

3. Dismantling criminal central bank enterprises

4. Shutting down the "Shadow Banking" system of securitization/derivatives

...of course.

Speaking of that not-so-little Shadow Banking issue, here is a link to a talk from the meeting:


...whereby it is revealed that China's Shadow Bank system has amassed a whopping, eye-popping:


....(or approximately five-trillion U.S. fiatscos) of debt, all backed by such "sure-fire" investments as empty cities and exotic CDO-type instruments.

Hmmm, what could possibly go wrong with that?

Yet, this revelation isn't what shocked a jaded and cynical Spock. Nope, that honor goes to this little-known secret, also revealed between sips of Moet and mouthfuls of Beluga:


And that is that China--whom a naive Spock thought was "debt free"--has a staggering:


...proving that even so-called "Prudent Commies" are running their own--albeit somewhat smaller than other nation's--Ponzi Monetary System.

(Spock Conclusion): Don't be lookin' for no real reform to come from this gathering. Rather, simply expect more of the same, with the addition of a few hangovers and indigestion on the part of the AlphaPig attendees.



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Posted 28 June 2013 - 12:09 PM

Communism is where there is no money. They are not communists. Oh pardon me but there is a global trade system in operation since 1944 that has inflated the world from then to now and every country on Earth is just as in debt up to it's eyeballs as the USA. all the money in the global system is credit which is debt. consumers use their current income which is previously produced debt or an asset inflate in price by previously produced debt as collateral backing their request for the creation of new debt. The total global debt supply which you all use as money is around 210 Trillion dollars. that entire 200 Trillion dollars is ultimately owed to the banking system that created it and owns it. You all rent the global money supply from the owners of it and the cost to pay the rent is hidden in the prices of everything and the only way to sustain paying the rent and continuing to inflate is by creating more new debt out of thin air faster than the old debt is returning back into thin air. I'm sorry I just point out the USA because the USA was set up in 1944 as the demand of the global trade system and everyone else is the supply. in 1944 the US dollar was made the global trade medium of exchange and all the rest of the currencies of the world were fixed to it. making all the currencies in the world a derivative for the US Dollar. The US dollar is credit which is debt owed to some else and ultimately back to the bank that created it and all the rest of the currencies of the world are credit which is debt owed to someone else and ultimately to the bank that created it. There is not a single country on Earth that is not in debt. and if you run out of resources to sustain inflation. The global credit bubble pops and deflates. that is what happened in 1929 which lead into the great deflation down to the liquidation climax known as WW2 and then Bretton woods was implemented at the bottom and since then until 2008 the world has been inflating out of the great deflation into the next one.



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Posted 28 June 2013 - 12:15 PM

Like Canada

The total credit market debt is around 5 Trillion dollars for 36 million people while the total credit market debt of the USA is 56 Trillion Dollars for 313 Million people. all the countries are like this. It's not just the USA. The USA is the demand for resources and finished goods and the rest of the world is the supply and the demand for US dollars which the USA is the supply of. Every US dollar created inflates the global credit supply and allows all the rest of the countries that are supplied with US Dollars to inflate their credit supplies.

The whole world is one huge debt inflated bubble that will reach maximum potential and pop and collapse the entire world into deflation. The USA has been the supply of global inflation for the past roaring 6 decades. just like the roaring 20's followed WW1. the roaring 6 decades followed WW2. The USA is where England was back in the late 1920's. You all have no idea how bad it is or will get.

The Chinese and everyone else have studied the same economic kool aid textbooks as everyone else.

#4 Spock


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Posted 28 June 2013 - 01:30 PM

(Hyper Tiger): "You all have no idea how bad it is or will get."

(Spock Reply): Um, I have a pretty good idea of how bad it is, having researched these issues for well over THREE DECADES now.

Regarding how "bad it will get", I have written many an extensive missive on that part of the Ponzi Monetary System, too.

And there is so much historical precedent and corroboration for my:

"Wash, Rinse, Repeat/Everybody Loses a Hand"

...hypothesis, that there is hardly a logical argument that can be made against it.

Another thing I have learned in my third-of-a-century of scroom-mongering is that there will never, ever, be a reversion to "Prudent Monetary Principles" (as I outlined in my original missive), and that is because of the following:

1. Alpha Thugs and Pigmen will always rule over:

2. The Masses of Proles (MOPs).

3. Said MOPs are collectively too stupid/lazy/weak-minded to prevail over #1 above.

4. Even in those extremely rare instances where the MOPs take to the streets and overthrow the current crop of AlphaPigs (see Russia, Argentina, Iran, Egypt, and a couple dozen countries over the past couple of decades for most recent examples), a new batch of AlphaPigs rise up and enslave the otherwise-clueless MOPS to the same old Ponzi Monetary System.

5. Repeat steps #1-4 above, infinitely.

It wasn't until about three years ago that I finally figured out the above-listed steps, previously (and naively) believing that one day the MOPS would suddenly wake up, gain a collective fifty I.Q. points, strap on a spine, and fight for change.

However, after DECADES of trying to educate my Boomer peers (and even a few "Gen Xers" and Millenials), I gave up in disgust.

Because no matter how much one tries to teach a pig to sing, it is futile.

And only annoys the pig.

So, now I am much more calm, relaxed, sanguine, about our endless fate, and can even poke fun at it.

And myself.



    Grizzly Bear

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 07:56 PM

Every monetary exchange system that has ever existed in all history is a Ponzi. and when the demand of the Ponzi for power becomes greater than the supply of power the monetary exchange system collapses.

The British pound of Stirling silver started out centuries ago and has been deflating in value ever since.

The Denarius started out in 200 BC as a silver coin and by late 300 AD it was worthless.

The monetary system demands more and more resources or power to sustain it. Over time the demand of the population of morons becomes greater than the population of morons can supply and the environment where morons thrive collapses and wipes out all the morons.

The morons that survive are then employed by those who are not morons to start the inflation of morons all over again.

Right at this instant you are enjoying existence within a completely unsustainable fantasy that is reaching it's maximum potential existence.

The so called free or broken market requires massive amounts of ignorant morons to sustain it. and when the Ignorant morons run out of resources to consume to perpetuate their stupidity. play time is over.

You are all pigs ruled by pigs. I think you all are just envious of the pigs above you in the hierarchy of pigs.

This is how credit systems work.

1 inflation of debt and the destruction of savings.

2 deflation of debt and the destruction of equity

3 bankruptcy of the banks, collapse of the division of labour/economy and the consolidation of power.

Once the above 123 back to 1 cycle reaches the maximum potential.

you can not go back to 1 from 3 and you head to 4.

4 General breakdown of civilization.

Where you all are basically reduced to a level of existence that you currently can not fathom and think preposterous

#6 Calvin Bear

Calvin Bear

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 09:33 PM

General breakdown of civilization.

Happened a while back as far as I'm concerned.

Am I envious of the pigs above me in the hierarchy of pigs?

That's a really good damned question.

What are the presumed benefits of being towards the top in this hierarchy of pigs?

Are these benefits real or are they only imagined and illusory when you 'get there?'

The answers to these kinds of questions are more prodigious in their self revelations, and profound than one might first suppose.

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