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24 July 2011 - 11:41 AM

Mango and Jon really touch on an issue that has bothered me for awhile concerning healthcare for the working poor. Under the Obama plan I thought we were supposed to see expanded medicaid, which troubled me because I always see signs at doctors offices that state they are already not accepting new medicaid patients (which I assume relates to low reimbursement rates). Meanwhile, fiscally challenged states are already cutting medicaid and seeking waivers from the eventual Obamacare required implementations. On top of that, Obama himself keeps offering up the prospect of slashing medicaid in deficit/debt negotiations. So, basically, my guess is that consistent with the Clinton/Obama style corporate democrat policy bent, the poor and working class are going to get screwed again. Thats sort of like the "cash for clunkers" restrictions on age and mileage of vehicle to be traded in that got tossed in at the end, which ended up punishing any lower income people with some savings or good credit who were really driving clunkers for economic reasons and might have really benefited from being able to trade up to safer and more reliable vehicles. Instead we got a trade in subsidy for the more affluent.

And back to the healthcare issue, if medicaid is to be slashed and/or there is no accompanying expansion of provider service due to low reimbursement rates, then what good are the supposed subsidies going to be to poor people to seek other providers if there is too large a gap between the subsidy and the cost of whats available? And when is the subsidy paid? An up front credit? And with the idea of exchanges being continually watered down, will that subsidy mechanism fail (or fail to close the gap between price and subsidy to the point of real affordability)? Finally, given that corporate dems and republicans don't care about the poor/working class, will this even be viewed as much of problem anyway? I just got a bad feeling about all of this and am still pretty bitter we didn't go single payer so the "screw the lower classes" option wasn't so readily available even as corporate dems declare success of their supposed grand healthcare reform a few years from now because of some benefits it may bring to the more affluent part of their political base.

Sorry to run on, I just have been queasy about this aspect of "healthcare reform" for awhile and the prior posts inspired that anew.

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