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Mid Year Bowl of Stoopid Award and Dumb Stuff

  Posted by Ags Nightmare, 20 June 2011 · 2,079 views

Today was just another summer stoopid rally. A stoopid rally, (I know I spell stupid wrong so leave me alone), is one where the market goes up on no volume for no reason. Often the day is filled with violent 30 seconds short squeezes where the Tony Dow Jokes goes up 75 points then hovers in mid air like a wet snot hanging on a railing in the middle of winter. That is what I would call a stoopid rally. Usually some positive event, like a country defaulting on its debt, impending global financial contagion, world war, or multiple earnings warnings gets everyone excited about the possibility of more government rigging of our numbers in symbols. I would like to thank the trader who determines what our future 201k balances will be and his furious work to discover price for us. His Random Walk is awesome. It’s hard work. His recommendation to be long rigging remains in place. I just talked to him and know a lot of people on the inside. They wouldn’t lie to me would they? You get some Fourth of July clown shoes. Next up and a little off topic, what in the world are the [...]


Mar 07 2016 09:02 AM

Im shorting $UPL and $WFT hard and right now im long $CHK and PSNP

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