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In Topic: Why Are Americans So Easy To Manipulate And Control?

15 October 2012 - 01:41 AM

I thought about this recently while flying on US domestic airlines and having to endure the indignities perpetrated by the State through TSA agents. The behavior of airline staff, members of another unthinking bureaucracy, is not much different though the employer is ostensibly different.

Buy TSA locks for one's luggage. The airline announces penal retribution if luggage is overweight or size-- as there is no market or choices as the carriers "reciprocate". . This stuff generally doesn't work in the rest of the world.

While en route to the USA I flew on the newest Boeings: 737-900 and the 777-300 version 2 operated by KE(Korean). Domestic USA flights were on McDonnell Douglas MD88s , planes I flew on in the '80s when a university student. Never mind the old hardware, the differences in service levels is appalling.

Tipping Point: southern blacks took it until an old lady in Alabama refused to sit in the back of the bus. Will Americans ever "have had enough"?.

The media repeat things over and over again. The people are worn down, the dem or repub divide is just noise candy ... it's all the same. From ME terrorists to Big Pharma channeling billions of public $$ to its own pockets ... it's all to keep us safe. -- After years of these messages being repeated, social norms established, then overthrowing the tyranny is mostly impossible.

Judging from the sophistication of the VP debate .... change ain't gonna happen, the downward spiral will continue, then accelerate.


two excellent sources on control:

The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind [Paperback]
Gustave Le Bon (Author)

Several books by Irving Goffman:
from wiki: Goffman's other areas of study included social order and interaction, impression management, total institutions, social organization of experience, and stigmas.

In Topic: Would Romney Be Another Bill Clinton or Another George W. Bush?

22 May 2012 - 10:09 PM

Romney seems a weak leader to this outsider.

. The solution to this mess lies in going outside the dynamics that got us into it, and that means transcending the nation state and the power structures behind it.

these guys are all noise ... in terms of significance, all clones of Baghdad Bob ... but fear not, a group of expert journos have come up with a new metric


In Topic: Unlike The Fed, Which Just Finances Manipulation, BoJ buys stocks outright

09 May 2012 - 02:11 AM

Amazed no replies to this ... systemic breakdown in what the prices "oughta be" .... collateral is crumbling everywhere, from "rich countries" to pretender nation-states like Pakistan. Sovereign sigs ain't what they used to be.

Japan is buying stocks the same week it shut down nuke production... so now it'll need to import 30% of its energy needs in the form of hydrocarbons, petroleum products and coal.

The Japanese central bank said it spent 39.7 billion yen (about $500 million) buying up stock ETFs as part of its ongoing asset-purchase program, breaking a previous record of ¥28.5 billion, set on April 16.

In addition to the ETF buys, the Bank of Japan also acquired ¥2.3 billion in real-estate investment trusts Monday.


while Greece is given headlines:

Overlooked in the focus on Greece was a troubling statement from Spanish PM Rajoy. He said the Spanish Treasury is practically the only entity in the country that can finance itself on the market with funding channels closed for the rest of the economy. At this point, a Lehman moment in Spain appears closer than ever.

Another country where gov't promises didn't work out? Pakistan


Failure to honour its financial commitments to Independent Power Producers (IPP) has led to the first-ever sovereign default by the government in Pakistan’s history.

The default on sovereign guarantees – assurances the government provides to foreign investors – may not only unnerve the financial markets, but also downgrade the government’s creditworthiness, making it more expensive to borrow money.

In Topic: Traveling in Europe Has Become Absurdly Expensive

17 April 2012 - 09:48 AM


Not just in Europe ... I'm just back from the inflation petri-dish known as Vietnam ... inflation is a killer there .... food prices are the first thing I noticed, up 30-40% since last year. Then, when shopping with my gf for fabrics, all the merchants would quote a USD price and when a purchase was made they'd only give change in dong, the local FX. Hoarding USDs which is officially illegal.

I met two guys last night in Saigon that I've known for years, one is a seafood exporter and the other a lumber broker who works for a Danish outfit. Their staff are screaming for wage increases. The seafood exporter guy, a young Australian with a huge business, is, of the two, more in tune with inflation and and its impact on doing business. He said that the unofficial rate is +20% or more. Furthermore, the Viets have been fighting terrorism since before there were terrorists... in the sense that they control the media-- no Facebook, no 321gold, etc. -- And he's telling me that they've had domestic unrest on a scale that hasn't been seen since the civil war(the American war). -- "no surer way of overturning the existing basis of a society" ... is exactly what is happening.

I took the bus from Saigon to Phnom Penh this morning. A second bus followed us, full of cargo. It passed through the passenger area (which I thought strange) and continued on. Smuggling. It looks like the cost of complying has become too much so with a lil $ grease they are ignoring the leviathan state. In times past it wasn't so open-- or even tolerated in that form.

The hotel in Dalat had a 30% tax on spa services(massage) ... a new tax since the last time we were there and that's in addition to the official 10% VAT.

The big wave is rolling in ... no one has applied the brakes , pedal to the metal.

In Topic: Club Med - The Rise of Medical Tourism

10 April 2012 - 09:42 PM

One of my mates is in the medical tourism biz. He has now specialized and mostly does hip replacements for Norwegians as their govt will pay for overseas procedures.

He used Bumrungrad but now that they are ISO certified and famous, they are relatively expensive. Thus, many moved to BKK General and BKK Nursing Home(a hospital that also does dental). There are many others.

What I am trying to say, or what I see, is that it is a huge industry in this part of the world. A friend from Pennsylvania had a hernia op a few weeks ago in Phnom Penh. The Thais quoted $3k and the US quote was +10k. He opted for something over $1k and did outpatient, the nurse visited his condo to administer meds instead of doing overnight. -- His doctor studied internal med and surgery in Nantes, France. The procedure was done in a brand new hospital, state of the art facilities.

Link below is to the dentist I go to Phnom Penh, trained in Denmark and has a huge business ... he has a lot of dental tourists ...

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