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Sistema Set Up to Exploit Sick Diabetics

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Posted 02 July 2012 - 11:07 PM

Monday’s market volume the lowest in ten years, McClellan Oscillator is 262, there is a broad band of resistance here,  put premiums are near their lows in years. Enough said,  I picked off more IWM 78 puts, XLY July 42 puts, XLI July 34 puts and added to RWM at 26.42 in Ditto Trade.After I got back from Rio de Janerio last December, I was feeling constantly fatigued and brain fogged.  I ate poorly down there, too starchy and some desserts I like.   At home I had a habit of eating instant oat meal for breakfast (thinking it was healthy), and developed a taste for Pimms with ginger ale.  Although I avoid junk food, I have always eaten too much falsely labeled ”whole wheat bread”. I am not a chip kind of guy,  but didn’t eat just one cup of brown rice, but several at a sitting.  I rarely turned down a good slice (actually slices) of pizza.I looked more closely at the labels of what I ate, and did more analysis of what I ate in restaurants.  Lots of traps out there gente,  they slip dietary problems into about everything: you can’t just half measure fool yourself that whole wheat and brown rice is healthy and that food processors are being responsible.  Hardly, in fact I submit that the USDA “food pyramid” is a trap.Suddenly more more visceral fat was showing up in my mid-section,  that I could no longer exercise off.   I had this strange combination of a strong looking muscular hard body (from hours of ocean body boarding) with a pregnant look.  I was lean as a youth, so I had fat in only one place, the abdomen. My body (most likely I have great genes: 90 and 88 year old living parents, and I have never smoked) wasn’t acting normally.Obviously I was getting insulin resistant which sets up a whole slew of problems, including making visceral fat hard to get rid of.  Sure enough pre-diabetes showed up in my blood work.  This is called metabolic syndrome (also called Syndrome X).   57 million Americans have pre-diabetes. No wonder Americans are so lethargic. If you have visceral fat and feel sleepy and tired much of the time, chances are you have it.I used the method from the book Anti-Inflammation Zone by Steve Sears (includes good doses of high quality fish oil), and more of a South Beach/Paleolithic diet, and now feel recovered. I have the glucose and triglycerides back to normal and the visceral fat is melting off.  The lesson here is catch this early and end the abuses,  and your body will respond with it’s own relief rally, at least it did for me. When you make the link between feeling good, and avoiding starches and sugars, the new diet becomes easy and essential and more of a lifestyle.After investigating what diabetes can do, I am more shocked than ever at what is ahead for the US health care sistema.  Type 2 diabetes will eat this country up and spit it out.  It is also spreading globally. There are 25.8 million diagnosed, and un-diagnosed diabetics in the US.  It doesn’t kill you right away either, it just makes you chronically ill and expensive to treat.When one does a google search and some general reading on it, the exploitative nature of this racket hits you right in the face: it is all about treating it and diagnosing it, and not nearly the proper effort being made at heading it off at the pass.  Consider that nearly 27% of gente 65 and older have it. And that population is growing at 1.66 million per year over the decade of the 2010s.  As shocking are the 1.9 million new diagnosed diabetics per year, the majority showing up in gente aged 45-64.  And just wait until the now  largely poor, on lousy diets,  50 million uninsured hit the sistema in 2014 with all their undiagnosed, untreated dead-man-walking chronic illnesses.  The sistema will completely collapse.Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

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