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Growing Expectations Of TBTF Bank Creditor Bailouts Tighten Their Tentacles Around Taxpayers – Wolf Richter- Testosterone Pit

One of the few rebellious Fed heads, Richmond Fed President Jeffrey Lacker, fired a salvo when testifying before the House Judiciary Committee. He hit Wall Street risks covered by implicit government guarantees in the size of America’s GDP.

Gagging Doubt: French Crackdown On French And American Bloggers Who Question Megabank Balance Sheets – Wolf Richter- Testosterone Pit

French Financial Markets Authority announced it would slap fines on two bloggers, Frenchman Jean-Pierre Chevallier and American Mike “Mish” Shedlock, “for having spread inexact information about the level of indebtedness” of meg…

“Confessions” Of A Master Of Revolving Door Between Wall Street And The Fed – Wolf Richter- Testosterone Pit

We’ve known it all along, but now a former Fed insider confirmed it. QE, despite the Fed’s relentless efforts “to spin it as a tool for helping Main Street,” was “the greatest backdoor Wall Street bailout of all time.” But it’s complicated. He’s a revolving-door Wall-Street banker.

Money Manager Nightmare: “How Can I Explain To My Clients That We Had A Third Crash In 15 years?” Wolf Richter – Testosterone Pit

Sign of trouble: A money manager told me some of his elderly clients were now coming into his office, and they’d say, “My kids tell me that I can make 25% a year with stocks.” How much were they were willing to lose? “Nothing,&r…

The Smart Money Denies They’re The Smart Money As They Franticly Sell Their Crown Jewels Before The Bubble Blows Up Wolf Richter- Testosterone Pit

“It’s a great time to sell,” mused a pension fund investment officer. And Blackstone Group, the world’s largest private equity firm, is doing exactly that, feverishly, relentlessly, hand over fist, at peak valuations, cashing out. What does that mean for the rest of us?

Twitter IPO A Dud? Yes, Says Survey of Financial Advisors (But You’ll Own It “Whether You Want It Or Not”) – Wolf Richter

Brokers, financial advisors, and wealth managers are a recalcitrant bunch, suddenly, after having gotten their manicured fingers burned on a few super-hyped IPOs, and now they just refuse to get exuberant about the Twitter IPO. At least that’s wh…