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What Happens Now? New Economic Perspectives

In the aftermath of the great 2013 government shutdown/debt ceiling crisis, and the kicking of the can down the road while maintaining austerity once more, the subject on many minds is where do negotiations over fiscal policy go from here? Will the new “budget committee” produce more austerity and do a grand bargain including the “chained CPI”? Will Congress finally turn towards economic growth and job creation, or will we continue to have more shutdowns and debt ceiling crises in 2014?

The Tea Party’s Tactical Brilliance and Strategic Incompetence – Bill Black

The Tea Party and its (non) think tanks have proven that they are tactically brilliant in manipulating the Republican Party, but strategically incompetent. Today’s Senate Bill, which will be forced down the House Tea Party members’ throats, is the result of that strategic incompetence. The Tea Party has learned that there are a few things many GOP elected officials are still unwilling to do.

Just how polarized is the US Congress? Sober Look

This is a syndicated repost courtesy of Sober Look. To view original, click here. Reposted with permission. The public is often amazed at Washington’s inability to solve problems. Some have attributed that constant impasse to polarization in Congress – with very little overlap in attitudes across the party lines. But is this truly something new…

US business leaders defend tea party, anonymous political ads- Full story

US business leaders defend tea party, anonymous political ads (via The Christian Science Monitor) Washington business advocates Thomas Donohue and Bruce Josten are president and executive vice president, respectively, of the US Chamber of Commerce, considered the most influential business group in the nation. They were the speakers at the May 21 Monitor breakfast. Congress’s efforts…