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As part of the stress testing routine, each bank is supposed to do its own simulation of how it would respond to the scenarios specified by the Fed, using its own internal model. And—surprise, surprise!—the banks virtually uniformly predict that they will do better than the Fed.

Bankster Bosses Complain of Tension With Fed Over Pay – Hey Banksters, Eff You!

A group of U.S. bankers has told top Federal Reserve officials that regulators’ focus on restraining bankers’ pay is creating “unnecessary tension.” At a meeting last month with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke and other top officials, executives said the Fed’s goals for bankers’ incentive compensation are a source of friction with regulators… … members, including…

Why Bernanke’s Gambit May Be Checkmated- Professional Edition EXPANDED PREVIEW

SPECIAL EXPANDED PREVIEW and free Radio Free Wall Street podcast. The Fed completed the first full week of its pumping campaign under QE2 this week with the purchase of $31 billion in Treasury notes, bonds, and TIPS. The total schedule for the first month calls for purchases of $105 billion. The initial round of purchases…