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The Five Biggest Asset Bubbles in History – Money Morning

Between the stock market, bitcoin, and tech IPOs, today everyone seems in a race to spot the next biggest asset bubbles readying to pop.

The term “asset bubble” indicates that there is a marked, noticeable divergence between the market price of an asset and its fundamental value. In other words, something that people store value in – a coin, a house, a share of stock – is valued much, much higher than the thing itself could possibly be worth.

Don’t Fight the ISM?

I just love correlation charts. Unlike the useless, biased spin fed to us from Wall Street’s market strategoists and egonomists, the charts are just the facts, M’am, just the facts, and you can see them for yourselves. I ran these ISM charts back to 1948 when the ISM, formerly the NAPalM, began this survey. Historically,…