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The Five Biggest Asset Bubbles in History – Money Morning

Between the stock market, bitcoin, and tech IPOs, today everyone seems in a race to spot the next biggest asset bubbles readying to pop.

The term “asset bubble” indicates that there is a marked, noticeable divergence between the market price of an asset and its fundamental value. In other words, something that people store value in – a coin, a house, a share of stock – is valued much, much higher than the thing itself could possibly be worth.

What Carl Icahn Really Meant About the Markets – Money Morning

Carl Icahn wants to be clear about his seemingly bearish stock market comments yesterday.

The famed activist investor was speaking at the Reuters Global Investment Outlook Summit Monday when he made remarks that halted markets’ gains.

“I am very cautious on equities today,” Icahn said. “This market could easily have a big drop.” His reasoning is that earnings at many companies have been juiced more by low borrowing costs than by strong management.

The “Halting” Truth of a Frozen Nasdaq – Shah Gilani – Money Morning

This is a syndicated repost courtesy of Money Morning. To view original, click here. Reposted with permission. From the Editor: Losing access to your money is frightening, no matter how long the powerless state lasts. But when investors in more than 3,200 public companies lost contact with their Nasdaq-listed shares Thursday, we caught a glimpse…