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Tag: Spanish Banks

Standard & Poor’s downgrades top Spanish banks

[repostus hash=bb4608578a7bb32aeaa397621556fe68 title=Standard+%26+Poor%27s+downgrades+top+Spanish+banks host=AFP short=1apll snip=Standard+%26+Poor%27s+on+Monday+downgraded+the+ratings+of+the+top+Spanish+banks%2C+including+Santander+and+BBVA%2C+after+slashing+the+country%27s+credit+standing+because+of+worsening+deficit+and+growth+problems.+The+banks+affected+include+Santander+and+its+subsidiary+Banesto%2C+BBVA%2C+Banco+Sabadell%2C+Ibercaja%2C%26hellip%3B]

As If Nothing Matters

     The world gave the appearance of doing nothing and going nowhere over the past month – apart from the sensational liaison of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, which, some believe, augurs a dazzling speed-up of the much prayed-for economic recovery, return to full employment, $2.50 gasoline by summer, and the selection of Jesus Christ as VP running mate by Mitt Romney – but, in fact, so much trouble is roiling under the surface…

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