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Dark Pools of Liquidity Are a Big Problem for Free Markets – Money Morning

Everything runs on liquidity. Unless you know something I don’t, that dollar bill in your pocket is just as likely to buy a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon today as it was yesterday, and will be tomorrow.

Or you could sell 1,000 lbs. of gold – if you have that lying around – without fear of completely scuttling the global gold market. Your bank has to have cash, liquidity, lying around somewhere in the back if it wants to stay in business.

And in many cases, it’s easy to see or verify this liquidity. It helps everyone feel better about doing anything.

The SEC embraces irony – its enforcement “inflection” “point” – William K. Black

This is a syndicated repost courtesy of New Economic Perspectives. To view original, click here. Reposted with permission. Follow the money. Find the profits!Liquidity is money. Regardless of where in the world that money originates, eventually it flows to and through Wall Street. So if you want to know the direction of the next big…

SEC Finds State of Illinois Violated Securities Laws- Chriss W. Street

The United States Securities & Exchange Commission determined that the State of Illinois violated Federal Securities Laws by misstating the true financial health of the State’s depleted pension funds when it raised over $2.2 billion with multiple bond offerings from 2005 through early 2009. The SEC blamed the State’s historical failure to fund its pension…