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Regardless of Which Way Bernanke Panics Next, The Ending Won’t Be Happy

Once again the mainstream media boohooed over a false and misleading seasonally falsified industrial production number, bemoaning that the SA number was down 0.4% month to month in May. They are playing into the Wall Street mob’s desire for manna from Ben next week. It’s totally bogus, supported only by false and misleading SA data, not the real activity.

Housing Outlook Clouding Up Again, And It’s Not Just Supply

Housing data over the past month has weakened. Part of that is normal seasonality, but the drop in contracts on existing homes in September was the worst in percentage terms since the housing collapse began. Although I believe that the supply problem is overblown, the last thing the market needs is further weakening in demand.…

Federal Tax Receipts Show Economy Grinding To A Halt

This post is an abridged excerpt from the June 16 Wall Street Examiner Professional Edition Treasury update. Click here to try the service risk free for 30 days and get this week’s complete Treasury and Fed reports and all updates, along with other weekly and monthly reports essential for understanding where the markets and the…