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The Economist’s Sell Signal – Fred Sheehan

The disintegration of central banking shifted to overdrive in November. The Senate Banking Committee’s listless accreditation of Janet Yellen as next Fed chairman was not a surprise, but it was notable that vigorous critics of Chairman Bernanke, such as Senator Bob Corker, dozed through the hearing. When the bubble of all bubbles bursts, and the Senate and Congressional oversight committees fulminate at central bankers, it will be those politicians who should sit in the dock. They could have acted. Instead, the Senate is whisking Bernanke-Squared to the throne, as quickly and quietly as possible.

Carney-mania in full swing in Canada – MarketWatch

PORT TOWNSEND, Wash. (MarketWatch) — Imagine Ben Bernanke being described as a “fiscal and economic rock star.” Or envision a major U.S. financial publication touting Bernanke as a possible Presidential — or, in this case, Prime Ministerial — candidate. That’s exactly what’s been happening in Canada the past few months, the country’s central banker, Mark…