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Big 3 French Bank Assets Triple France’s GDP According To David Stockman

David Stockman, former Director of the White House Office of Management and Budget during the Reagan Administration, has in recent years become a prominent and outspoken critic of the Fed, central banking policies generally, government finance schemes, and other aspects of the world’s screwed up  financial regimes. Mr. Stockman’s perspective on these issues is unique.…

Bank of Canada December 2011 Financial Stability Review Is Sobering

The Bank of Canada has released the Financial Stability Review for December 2011 with articles:

Risk Assessment

Macrofinancial Conditions
Key Risks

Global Sovereign Debt
Economic Downturn in Advanced Economies
Global Imbalances
Low Interest Rate Environment in Major Advanced Economies
Canadian Household Finances
Safeguarding Financial Stability
Strengthening Bank Management of Liquidity Risk:
The Basel III Liquidity Standards
A Fundamental Review of Capital Charges Associated
with Trading Activities
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Market-making […]

You Can Have One or The Other But Not Both

Liquidity indications were mixed this week, with the Fed still not doing much while foreign central banks were net sellers (see Treasury update). Commercial banks at least stopped dumping Treasuries but they are liquidating their trading accounts. The big plus was again bank inflows although they were not at the panic levels seen last week.…