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Freedom’s Idealogical Mansion

By Jorma (Stool Pigeons Wire) December 21, 2009 – The relentless lowering of the top tax rates and capital gains rates and the effective corporate tax rate has been causal of everything the critics of the status quo rail at. Not tangential, causal. This is the ideological divide that cannot be crossed. The free market…

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  • To Dennis Kneale: You’re An Idiot – The Market Ticker
    There are two types of recessions, if you happen to know more about economics than you knew about options a year ago, when you were caught asking on the air "what's the VIX?"

    The types of recessions are inventory driven recessions, the most common, and credit driven recessions.

    The last material credit driven recession was in the 1930s. We called it the "The Great Depression."