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Federal Revenues Report – Real Time Federal Tax Collections Data and Analysis

Federal Revenues Report – Real Time Federal Tax Collections Data and Analysis

This monthly report on real time federal tax collections data tells you exactly how the US economy is doing based on the government’s tax collections, which the US Treasury reports daily with just a one day lag. Unlike most government economic data, the tax data is never statistically adjusted and never revised. While the trends are usually fairly stable, I keep track of them throughout the month, and will issue bulletins to keep you on top of on any significant changes that may occur during the month.

The Federal Revenues Report explains clearly and shows with clear charts and tables, exactly how the US economy is doing so that you’ll know ahead of time where the lagging and heavily massaged economic data reports should be. In the short run, the government’s economic reports and the mainstream media’s treatment of them are often wide of the mark of reality, but in ensuing months, they must always return to the actual trend. You will already know where the data should be because you have seen the raw tax data first hand. Having that information will also enable you to adjust your investment strategy and trading tactics accordingly.

Institutional Investors pay thousands of dollars annually for this type of data and analysis. I’m making it available to individual investors on a schedule and at a price that makes sense for both individual traders and investors and professional investment managers.

The price of the service on a monthly basis is just $149 per year, paid in quarterly installments of $37.25. Your satisfaction is guaranteed with a risk free initial 3 month term for first time subscribers only. If you don’t find the service useful within that first term, just cancel and request a refund and your payment will be refunded immediately. The subscription renews automatically unless you cancel. If you cancel the subscription would continue until the end of the then current term, at which point it would expire.

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Quarterly subscription to the Federal Revenues Investor Report Monthly, renews quarterly unless canceled Price: $37.25

Once you have completed your order, you can access the reports here.

Thank you!

Lee Adler

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