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Category: Lee’s Free Thinking

You get what you pay for.


Just one simple chart to see how the triple-leveraged financial ETF from Direxion was perfoming during the rally from March lows:

The performance is compared to simple, not leveraged financial ETF (XLF). As you can see the slippage is amazing. I’m curious to know what is your downside target for the correction (if the correction ever […]

The Fed statement

The best interpretation of the Fed statement I saw here:

Dear Banksters,
We want our f*** money back before October. If not, we will monetize it and have FASB board bring back stricter accounting rules. Do you f*** understand? Now get a move on selling your $2 trillion in equities, you don’t have much time.
P.S. Jamie and […]

Our universal fast-food chain

I hope that the global fast-food franchises is the American invention. Just to be proud about something. And I’m inviting to check the health of our biggest and most important franchise – the dollar.

Please keep in mind that United States is the only country in the world, which is not trying to push its currency […]

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