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Will Stalled Macroliquidity Support New Highs In Stocks?

The Composite Liquidity Indicator declined last week, bringing it to the bottom of the range it has been in since February. The index had dropped slightly below its 39 week moving average for the first time since February 2010 when the Fed was in its first QE pause. The difference between now and then is…

Troubling Hints From Fed and Banking System Balance Sheets

The Fed’s balance sheet shrank slightly last week as there was a net paydown of MBS. That will be replaced when the Fed settles its MBS purchases at mid month as it does each month. The Fed has increased its replacement purchases over the past couple of months in order to get the balance sheet…

The SS Fed Sails Into Uncharted and Probably Stormy Liquidity Seas

Macro Liquidity Composite

The composite liquidity indicator edged to a new high this week, barely above the range of the past 5 months. Even with that pause, the trend is in much the same longer term path it has been on since 2012. Primary Dealer cash, the largest component, continues to grow due to the Fed’s MBS purchases.…