Financial Markets

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Central Banks Are Behind Demand For Financial Assets, And US Treasury Is Biggest Supplier

Fed, ECB, BoJ Combined Total Assets- Click to enlarge

Dow Jones’s Marketwatch, inexplicably, does a better job of being “fair and balanced” in reporting financial news than its sister in crime, the Wall Street Journal, or their evil stepmom, Fox Business. The great humanitarian seeker of truth and paragon of journalistic virtue, Rupert Murdoch, controls all of them. So it’s surprising to find occasional points of light…

The Bull Market Will End When The Fed and Friends Decide, Then We Get To Pay For Their Madness

Fed Assets and SPX 2003-08 - Click to enlarge

We all know the market is rigged. We may not like it, but facts is facts. The world’s largest central banks have thoroughly rigged the game. They figured out they could do it and they have used QE as an instrument of market manipulation, particularly stock market manipulation, since 2009. On the surface, the idea was…