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Bloomberg Spews A Bunch Of Disingenuous Crap On Consumer Comfort

“Consumer Confidence Rises to 4-Year High,” blared the Bloomberg headline in a font that really was that big. That’s just so wrong. So wrong. I mean, should we really be jumping up and down, shouting, “Hip Hip HOORAY! Hip Hip HOORAY!” Uh… no. Let’s look at the first key point that Bloomberg made. Household confidence…

CoreLogic Data Shows House Price Declines Slowing

CoreLogic’s data for January closed house sales (mostly November contracts) shows a year over year decline of 3.1% nationally. the month to month decline was 1%. However, the 12 month rate of decline has been slowing sharply. According to CoreLogic, 6 of the 10 largest metropolitan markets in the US showed year over year declines…