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Five with Fitz: What I See When I Look Over the Horizon

When you’ve been working the markets as long as I have, you learn that the biggest dangers are always found in a place just over the horizon.

It’s why I spend my time hunting for stories, news items and opinions that in the old days were considered far “below the fold.”

Invariably, what I am looking for is the stuff that everybody else has missed.

Because I believe that’s where the real information is — especially when it comes to uncovering profitable opportunities others don’t yet see or understand.

It’s the story behind the story that interests me. To find it, you need to go beyond the headline news.

In that spirit, here’s my take on five things that I’m thinking about right now.

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Real Deal on Retail- Even Worse Than They Said

The headline number for retail sales today was an increase of 0.1% month to month, seasonally adjusted, which exactly met the conomic consensual sextimate of 0.1%. Here’s how Bloomberg put it. U.S. Retail Sales Cool After Warm-Weather Spree: Economy Retail sales rose in April at the slowest pace of the year as Americans took a…

Empire State Manufacturing Survey (overview) – Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The May Empire State Manufacturing Survey indicates that manufacturing activity expanded in New York State at a moderate pace. The general business conditions index rose eleven points to 17.1. The new orders index inched up to 8.3, and the shipments index shot up eighteen points to 24.1. The indexes for both prices paid and prices…

Market’s Liquidity Indicators Begin To Tilt Bearish – With Free Excerpt

The composite liquidity indicator downticked last week on small declines in most of its components. We know that the downtick in the Fed’s pumping to Primary Dealers is temporary, but the weakening in other indicators may not be. Over the course of this latest surge, most of the cash has been targeted at the Treasury…

Still Standing Amid the Wreckage

     The New Urbanists held their big annual meet-up for four days last week and I stomped a big carbon footprint flying down to West Palm Beach for the doings. I don’t know who exactly picked West Palm, but it was at once peculiar, disheartening, instructive, and exhausting.   The Congress for the New Urbanism has been throwing this yearly fandango since its founding in 1993 as a fire-eating reform movement dedicated to transforming the…