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Author: William K. Black

Geithner’s Other Ad Hominem Attacks on Barofsky

Geithner’s claim that Barofsky had no “financial knowledge or experience” takes about five seconds of search time to falsify. SIGTARP’s successes under Barofsky’s leadership and the quality of SIGTARP’s reports also expose Geithner’s claims as false. Virtually all the elite bankers convicted after the crisis were convicted due to SIGTARP’s investigations – often over Geithner’s obstruction.

Why Does Refusing to Put Fraudulent Banks into Receivership Help the Economy?

Conservative economists love “creative destruction.” They can’t wait to “get their Schumpeter on” when a business fails and thousands of workers lose their jobs. There is no more “creative destruction” conceivable than when we put a bank that has become a fraudulent enterprise into receivership, remove the controlling officers leading the fraud, and sell the bank through an FDIC-assisted acquisition.

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