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Author: Tim Knight

Apple Price Gap

FEEDJust wanted to point out that Apple (AAPL) is coming up very close to its price gap. As a reminder, they announce earnings Tuesday after the close. Could be some interesting plays here. Meanwhile, for the 3,938th time, the mere fact that we’r…

57 Shorts

Preface to all four parts: I have 57 short positions, 55 of which are profitable (which is pretty cool, since the market was at a lifetime high on Friday). I have broken these SlopeCharts up into four roughly-equal presentations, zoomed in to the p…

Market Charts

We’re past the first beefy week of the earnings season, and although nothing dramatic happened with the indexes, it’s worth an update. I’ve said a few words about each one, and identified them, in the caption for each chart (any o…

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