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Author: Tim Knight

Too Soon?

FEEDI know I’m impatient, so I’ll offer that as a warning. In any case, I am certainly not getting aggressive, since we’re only one day into this bounce, but I am putting my toe back into the water with some carefully-selected shorts,…

Welcome, Green!

FEEDOK, this feels different. I’m excited to see equities up strong; I welcome to conciliatory tone of the Chinese, which is creating the fabled trade talk optimism this market needs; I am so glad to have lightened up! In any case, this is true p…

Commodity Cycle

Is it Miller Time yet? I’ve been going since 4 a.m. and have had enough! Ah, well. The show must go on! I’ll just jump in here for a moment and say that commodities, which has been an important weight dragging the market down, seems to …

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