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Author: Tim Knight

Bob You Banks

FEEDAs economic data continues to worsen, and the jobs situation has clearly moved past the point of peak prosperity, equities are – – naturally – – roaring higher, as they have all week long. We’re up about 1500 points on…


FEEDThe market reaction to jobs reports is similar to Fed announcements – – you can never really tell what’s going to happen based just on the initial move. When the dismal jobs reports tumbled out this morning, the strong move in ES …

Dow 40,000!

It’s rant time! Regardez vous si vous plait: So here we are near the highest equity prices in human history, hopelessly buried in debt, with an economy that’s already entering an intractable recession. And yet this guy says….in Ma…

The Magic Number

Dial back the Slope clock over two months, and you will see this post called Twenty Eight Twenty Five. In the post, I marvel over the power this simple line has over the /ES: Well, not much has changed in the many weeks since then (for some reason,…

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