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The Nobel Prize for Market Timing Goes to… Cliff? – Money Morning

According to the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH), the best – and perhaps only – way to outperform the market over time is simple:

First, claim that beating the market over time is virtually impossible. Then, take home $1.2 million for “proving” it.

That was Professor Eugene Fama’s approach, anyway, after co-winning the Nobel Prize in economics.

WARNING: These Stocks Will Crush You (Strong Sell) – Money Morning

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Most Everything You’ve Heard about China’s Currency is Dead Wrong (and that Means Money for Us) – Money Morning

Nearly everything you’ve heard about China’s currency, the yuan, is dead wrong. It’s not undervalued and it’s not undercutting the U.S. dollar as the financial press and politicians like to point out. I’ll show you why.

You likely heard that China recently reported it had grown just 7.5 percent in the second quarter of 2013, the lowest level in over three years.

What you likely don’t know is, more than half of that growth came from wasteful infrastructure and property investments, such as this:

China uses government investments as the main channel to pump money into its economy. The resulting monetary growth makes the Fed’s quantitative easing seem like child’s play.

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