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Author: Guest Editorial

Why Google Glass Is a Terrifying Dud – Money Morning

You never really know what you might get into sitting on the corner stool of a bar in Manhattan.

Last week, I came across a man with a strange little contraption spanning his face at a nearby table. It turns out he was wearing a Google Glass prototype. It was 1 of the 150 prototypes that have been released on the East Coast.

With all of the hype surrounding it, I just had to try it and he gladly gave me a ten-minute lesson.  And after a just few minutes with this contraption, I could only reach one conclusion:  Google Glass is total dud.

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Why Water Stocks Are About to Get $1 Trillion Boost – Money Morning

The American Society of Civil Engineers has just released its annual Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, which grades several critical areas: water and environment, transportation, public facilities, and energy.

And that report card is nothing we’d like to take home to Mom and Dad, moving as it has from a D to a D+ over the last four years. In short, there remains a lot of room for improvement.

The Report Card suggests that the United States government will have to spend roughly $3.6 trillion on infrastructure building to get to a passing grade – at least above a “gentleman’s C.”

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