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Author: Guest Editorial

Nigeria is Caught in A Deadly Oil Catch-22 – Money Morning

Nigeria generates more than 14% of its GDP from oil exports. Those exports account for 98% of the country’s export earnings, and close to 83% of federal government revenue. Nigeria may more than 22 billion barrels in proven reserves, according to the United States Energy Information Administration. Nigeria is the tenth-most oil rich nation on Earth, with 159 oil fields and about 1,481 oil wells in operation.

Court Outlaws Taking Advantage of Unpaid Interns – Money Morning

Last week, a federal judge in New York ruled that Fox Searchlight Pictures, Inc. broke state minimum wage laws and federal labor law when it didn’t pay its interns, Eric Glatt and Alexander Footman, for their work on the production of the film Black Swan.
Glatt was an unpaid accounting clerk for Fox Searchlight. His responsibilities included such mundane tasks as filing, getting signatures, and handling petty cash.

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